"Scotch (The Song Remains the Same) spins an entertaining tale of fate versus free will, and of one woman's decision to reclaim her life by reconsidering the paths not taken and facing fears. Rife with lighthearted humor and memorable characters, readers will find themselves rooting for Willa during her emotional journey to overcome her insecurities and create her own path for happiness." - Publishers Weekly

Glamour Magazine says they "can't get enough" of Theory of Opposites and puts the book on their must-read list for fall.

A Shape Magazine must-read for winter 2013-2014 

"You can't help but be sucked right in. Before you know it, you are pausing in the subway station to keep reading before you go into work. Let yourself sink into this one come holiday time." - OK Magazine

"Scotch follows The Song Remains the Same with this enjoyable novel. Willa's brave trek to find her true self is charming, with some laugh-out-loud moments. Sure to appeal to fans of smart women's fiction." -- Library Journal

"Readers who enjoyed Scotch’s The Song Remains the Same (2012) will find much to like in this satisfying tale of a woman changing her fate." - Booklist

"If you haven't yet read Allison Winn Scotch, this is absolutely the place to start.  As a long time fan of Allison's work, I particularly I loved this book!  Loved the characters, loved their family dynamic, and I'm already asking for a sequel!" -Jen Lancaster, New York Times bestselling author

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