"Emotional and engrossing." - People magazine

"The One That I Want will call you to reflect on your own life, inspire you to live passionately, and teach you to embrace independence." - Glamour.com

"A page-turner you must devour this season." - Cosmopolitan

"A June book pick. '(A) novel about the choices we welcome and the choices we resist.'" - Redbook

"With a thriller of a conclusion...keeps readers in suspense until the final electrifying pages." - American Way

"(One of) the summer's best beach books." - Newark Star-Ledger

"Absorbing...will stay with the reader longer than the usual beach blanket paperback." -Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Sweet, funny and thought-provoking -- the perfect book for a long, relaxing afternoon by the pool." - Memphis Commercial Appeal

"Don't you dare leave for the beach this summer with out it." - Woman's Day.com

"The real magic is Scotch’s ability to create authentic moments between her characters that push this fast-paced story to the edge and joyfully brings us along with it." -Los Angeles Books Examiner

"An aching, honest look into the death and rebirth of relationships. Scotch answers hard questions about the nature of personal identity and overwhelming loss with a wise, absorbing narrative." - Publishers Weekly

“Scotch specializes in heroines at a crossroads, questioning their life choices and preparing to embark on journeys of self-discovery. . . . [She] creates eminently relatable characters, with a particularly excellent understanding of the way sisters interact, and has the ability to craft scenes of real emotional weight.”- Booklist

“Well-told . . . a good choice for fans of women's fiction and book clubs. It's fast-paced and feels light yet still packs a satisfying emotional punch.” - Library Journal