Suggested Book Club Questions

1) How much do you believe that fate plays a factor in our lives? Are we in control over our own destinies or does everything happen for a reason?

2) How much does our upbringing and childhood determine who we grow into as adults?

3) If you were a contestant on a show like Dare You!, what would you be most afraid of attempting?

4) Do you believe that old relationships can be renewed or should things and people from the past best be left in the past?

5) Willa uses social media like Facebook to keep tabs on the lives around her. How helpful or harmful is this social media phenomenon? 

6) The Chandler siblings each have their own varied (and big) personalities. Who would you most likely be friends with?

7) If your best friend pushed you to go on a reality show, which one would you choose?

8) How important is it to you to feel like you are in control of your life and your choices? What steps would you take or have you taken to regain control?

9) Willa's husband proposes a "break" from their marriage. Is this forgivable? 

10) Willa struggles to trust her own instincts. How do your own instincts play a role in the choices you make in your life? Do you listen to the counsel of friends, like Vanessa, or base your decisions on your own gut?