Library Journal, Starred Review: "Scotch (The Theory of Opposites) hits a grand slam with this novel. Roommates from The University of Pennsylvania are reunited at the request of one friend, Bea, who died almost 15 years earlier. They gather on the eve of what would have been Bea's 40th birthday, meeting at the house where they once lived and loved. Catherine and Owen, now married, come together with Lindy, Colin, and Annie, to confront one another since most haven't spoken since Catherine and Owen's wedding. They also must deal with who they were back then in relation to who they've become and what they've done in their relationships. This is a fabulous tale of friendships and an endearing, enthralling look into the dreams we have in our youth and the disappointments held onto in adulthood. VERDICT With wonderfully fleshed-out, relatable characters, this is an absolute must-read that lovers of women's contemporary fiction will devour in one sitting." —Anne M. Miskewitch, Chicago P.L.

Real Simple: "Both heartbreaking and funny, this novel explores how we cope with the disappointments of adulthood and come to terms with our past." "The perfect beach read."

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Parade: “Allison Winn Scotch is the ultimate beach read. If you plan to sink your toes into the sand and need a fab book to kick back with...this is the one.” 

Read It Forward: "Both funny and heartbreaking, this relatable story of friendship and how life interferes will leave you nostalgic for your own friends."

RT Book Reviews: “Told from five vastly different perspectives of characters who are deeply developed and relatable in their flawed ways, this novel captures the nostalgia many feel for the friendships and simple nature of youth...Heartfelt...Well written and memorable.” 

Parkersburg News and Sentinel: "A story about youthful dreams and middle-age reality, this is a page turning book to talk about."