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High Flyin'

Okay, so by now, I'm sure that you're sick of my interviews, but they keep a-comin', so I'm going to keep a-postin' 'em. (That is waaaaay too many apostrophes for one post, no?) Anyhoo, today I'm over at talking with the wonderful Heather Poole about the inspiration behind the book and lots of other fun things, like where I like to travel, how I cope with my fear of flying, and what I like to pack in my carry-on.

Here's one reason why I love this interview - it really demonstrates how and why authors need to market themselves online. I actually "met" Heather at some point on Twitter. I can't remember how - I think she followed me, and I checked out her tweets a couple of times and found them interesting, and thus followed her back. She's a flight attendant - careerwise, we don't have that much in common - but via the power of Twitter, I learned that she has kids the same age as I do, that we share the same sense of humor, and that she's actually a damn good writer and has a huge following on her travel blog, Gossip Galley. Who knew? Not me. I thought I was just following her because I'm scared of flying and her tweets (in all seriousness) somehow reassure me about stepping onto a tin can with wings. So now, thanks to Twitter, not only have we become friendly, and not only did she pick up my book because of this, but it turns out that she's interviewing me for her blog.

It's connections like these (and yesterday's with Debra Schubert) that make online social networking invaluable. If you're not tweeting yet, what are you waiting for? :)

In the meantime, don't forget to head over to and check out my interview!


For Me, For You

To quote the great Randy, I'm over at Debra Schubert's blog, Write On Target, doing one of my favorite interviews in recent memory, giving advice to other aspiring novelists. She asked a lot of great questions about where aspiring writers might go wrong, my writing process, and what it takes to be a full-time writer.

So be sure to swing by and check it out! I'm going to check back periodically too and answer questions if people have them.


Dream Big, Part Two!

So, just as a follow up to yesterday's post, today, I wrote a guest blog post over at Stephanie's Written Word, which talks about my journey - and my obstacles - to publication. Just in case you think it's always a breeze. :)

Check it out here. 


My Agent Chimes in On My Query

So, just a quick late Friday post, as I'm traveling and might not get a post up on Monday.

Two fun things - first, I did a Q/A over at The Novel Girls blog, which consists of a fabu group of debut novelists...check their blog out regardless of whether or not you want to hear what I have to say. :) But check it out to hear what I have to say on the best and worst things about writing and my advice to new authors.

Also, perfect timing: turns out that my agent, Elisabeth Weed, whom you guys know I adore, chimed in on the Guide to Literary Agent's blog, responding to what she liked about my initial query to her and why she signed both me and the book. Check it out here.



And Still More Free Books

Okay, let's be clear here, I really DO want you to go out and buy the paperback of Time of My Life (in case there was any question), but if you're itching for a signed free copy, there's yet another contest going on over at the fabu Book Chick's blog. Come share the best time of YOUR life to enter! Love it. I'm helping her choose the winner.

Check it out here, and be sure to add her link to your favorites.

Also, I have a really fun interview out over at, in which I talk about everything under the sun - from my writing process, to character development, to being a working mom. Please click over and check it out!

Finally, I got a wonderful review yesterday from the Dallas Morning News. Woot! I lived in Dallas for a bit, so have a lot of love for the Big D. Thank you!


Contests, Interviews, More Contests!

Phew, so it's been quite a 24 hours! Son nearly fractured his knee, which landed the two of us in the doctor's office/X-ray ER for the better half of yesterday, all the while I was frantically FREAKING OUT because I had so much to do for the book and for my line edits for THE ONE THAT I WANT.

But! Boy is okay! The book is okay! Everything is a-okay! That's life, I guess, a working mom, no?

So I wanted to post some new, fun interviews, many of which are offering contests to go along with them! If you didn't win a book here or on my Twitter contests, and you just DON'T want to buy one (I won't hold it against you) be sure to click over to these links. Well, be sure to click over to these links anyway, since I loved doing each and every interview!

*Contest* Moms Like Me network - a great interview about everything under the sun, including being a juggling working mom

*Contest* The wonderful Larramie is giving away a book over at her awesome author/book blog,The Divining Wand.

Music Savvy Momma - I LOVED this - had to turn my iPod on shuffle and talk about the 10 songs that popped up. Could have done it all day.

Another writerly interview with Lori A May, all about getting started in writing, my advice, as well as my "what ifs." has named their top six beach reads and Time of My Life is one of them!

*Contest* Suzanne Anderson has a fun interview with moi - talking what-ifs, going back in time and a lot of other great stuff, as well as a book giveaway on her blog!

Check back for even MORE in the coming days!



Chick Lit is Not Dead

No it isn't! And to prove it, I'm over at Chick Lit is Not Dead answering their awesome 25 questions they want to know about authors, joining the incredible other interviewees like Jennfer Weiner and Emily Giffin.

Check it out here: and don't forget TOMORROW IS LAUNCH DAY!!! (Eeek!) Please do me a solid and pick up a copy! :)

Back with more throughout the day or tomorrow with more interviews and fun stuff.