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Hello, hello, hello!

Well, I retired this blog a few years ago because a) after six years of answering questions, I felt like I'd expended all of my useful advice and b) I'd...grown weary of it. :) 

But recently, while listening to a podcast (shout-out to Scriptnotes) that is incredibly interesting and helpful and takes the time to answer screenwriting questions, I thought I might like to revisit this space and pay it forward again by opening up the floor to new questions.

I wasn't sure if there were still a demand for this sort of thing -- when I first launched this blog, back in, oh, 2008, I believe? - there weren't a ton of resources out there for aspiring writers. Now, there are dozens of blogs, and of course, there is social media, where you can ping authors and experts all the time. So I asked some readers on my Facebook page and put the question to Twitter: would this be a worthwhile service? 

And people said yes! So here I am. If we all collectively agree that it's no longer a worthwhile service, I am happy to return to my life of non-blogging. But in the meantime, let's try this again! The publishing world has shifted exponentially since I answered a lot of the questions that were posed to me, so my answers may have shifted as well. And surely, some of your questions have changed too.

I'm in the middle of proofreading my next book, so I imagine that I'll start posted questions and answers in a couple weeks. I already have a bunch of questions from Facebook, but if you have questions you'd like to answer (I won't attach a name, so don't worry about that), feel free to post below (anonymously is fine too). You can also drop me a line on Twitter, which is always great (I'm at @aswinn) or reach out via Facebook on my author page. I can't remember exactly how I compiled the questions coming in last time, but those are probably the best ways to reach me, as my email can get bogged down.

Any and all questions related to books/publishing/any of that are fine. When I used to do this blog, I was still enmeshed in the magazine world, but to be honest, other than celeb profiles now and then, I really don't have much experience in magazines these days, so I don't know how helpful I can be in that arena. 

Let's dive back in. I'll aim to post a couple of times a week, depending on my schedule, and we'll just see how it all goes. 

I'm excited to do this again. Hope you'll join me!