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(Up-to-date stories through summer 2011 can be found on the American Way site - interviews include Nathan Fillion, Matthew Bomer, David Cook, James Marsden and Ginnifer Goodwin, along with many others. This page will be updated with these articles shortly.)

Girl Power: Ellen Page
American Way, July 1, 2010
Juno star, Ellen Page, holds her own against the big boys of movie-making in Inception.
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Getting Back Up: Alex O'Loughlin
American Way, April 1, 2010
A couple of canceled TV series aren't slowing Aussie expat Alex O'Loughlin down.
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The Game of Love: Bill and Giuliana Rancic
American Way, February 1, 2010
Who says reality television is all fakel? We put Bill and Giuliana Rancic to the test.
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Bell of the Ball: Kristen Bell
American Way, January 15, 2010 

With multiple projects in the works, Kristen Bell is in high demand.  
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Also in this issue: Saving Grace: Adrianne Palicki

Fan Favorite: Zac Levi
American Way, December 15th, 2009
Zachary Levi has his devoted following to thank for the continued success of his small-screen hit, Chuck. 
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Mac Daddy: Gabriel Macht
American Way, September 1st, 2009
Gabriel Macht has come a long way from his days of getting paid in cheeseburgers.
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The Feminine Mystique: Elisabeth Moss
American Way, August 1st, 2009
As Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss is a trailblazing Peggy Olson, woman in a man’s world.
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Man, Oh Mann: Leslie Mann
American Way, July 15, 2009
Beautiful and brainy, Funny People star Leslie Mann manages to be one of the boys and still be every bit a lady
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We Like Mike: Michael Vartan
American Way, July 1st, 2009 
Rejoice, Alias fans! Michael Vartan is back on the small screen in the new show HawthoRNe.
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In Good Company: Anna Friel
American Way – June 1st, 2009

British actress Anna Friel stars opposite comedy king Will Ferrell in this month’s Land of the Lost. Not bad for her stateside big-screen debut.
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A Convincing Performance: Scott Speedman
American Way – May 15th, 2009

Scott Speedman wows audiences in his latest drama, Adoration. But he almost didn’t
get the part ...
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Come On, Get Happy: Jennifer Garner
American Way – May 1st, 2009

Jennifer has found the secret to happiness: embracing it.
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Also in this issue:
Big Man on Campus – Taylor Kitsch

Love is on the Air: Sarah Paulson
American Way – April 1st, 2009

Sarah Paulson hopes audiences fall head over heals for Cupid.
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Seriously, Funny: Paul Rudd
American Way – March 15th, 2009

The affable actor shows us his silly side, his serious side, and everything in between.
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Leaving Las Vegas: Molly Sims
American Way – March 1st, 2009

Molly Sims may have found her home in Las Vegas for the past half decade, but in her heart, she’s a world traveler. read the article


Keeping the Lights On: Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton
American Way – February 1st, 2009

Friday Night Lights has been an underdog since it premiered in 2006 to inspired reviews but underwhelmed ratings. read the article 

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Also in this issue:
French Connection – Jean Reno

Lady in Red: Alyson Hannigan
American Way – January 1st, 2009

Alyson Hannigan dishes on a few of her favorite things.
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The Younger Man: Robert Buckley
American Way – December 1st, 2008

Gentleman, feast your eyes on the enemy ...
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Blood and Bones: David Boreanaz
American Way – November 1st, 2008

From a neck-nibbling vampire to a wisecracking FBI agent, David Boreanaz’s memorable characters have helped the actor make quite a name for himself.
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The American Dream (Girl): Mila Kunis
American Way – October 15th, 2008

Native Ukrainian Mila Kunis finds greener pastures in the United States ...
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Also in this issue:
Kevin Connolly – Art Imitating Life

Learning to Fly: Brooke Shields
American Way – October 1st, 2008

Brooke Shields had looks, fame, and (reportedly) a seven-figure salary — all by the time she could drive ... read the article


The Union Movement: Gabrielle Union
American Way – July 1st, 2008

Meet Gabrielle Union. She's not Ashanti - obviously.
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Evan Handler on Fatherhood
American Baby – June, 2008

By all accounts, Evan Handler shouldn't be a father ...
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Pretty, Funny: Emmanuelle Chriqui
American Way – June 1st, 2008

Nice and beautiful — two qualities that put the rising star on our list ...
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Evan, Now
American Way – May 1st, 2008

Sex and the City’s best man, Evan Handler, dishes on Harry and Charlotte Goldenblatt, overcoming cancer, and phony press releases ...
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Post-Pregnancy Aftershock
American Baby – March, 2008

Your body's still changing, even after baby is here ...
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Also in this issue:
A Chat With Melora Hardin

Take Back Your Time
Woman's Day – February 12th, 2008

How to find more minutes in your day.
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Office Face
American Way – January 15th, 2008

Melora Hardin is changing workplaces this month ...
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Your Baby's First Holiday
Parents – December 2007

It's a season you'll always remember. Make it relaxing — and meaningful.
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Eat, Mingle, and Be Merry
American Baby – November 2007

If you're pregnant, the holidays can wear you out. Here's how to maintain your energy and enjoy the festivities. read the article


Muscle: Defined
Women's Health – October 2007

The real deal on the muscles rippling under your skin — and how to make them strong, sexy and so worth the sweat.
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Steve Carell Gets Out of The Office
American Way – September 15th, 2007

Steve Carell is big on the small screen and big on the big screen ...
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Bang For the Buck
Family Circle – August 2007

Dollar stores are popping up fashter than you can say, "Show me the money ..."
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What's Your Toddler's Personality Type?
Parents – August 2007

Identify your child's temperament. Then work it to bring out her personal best.
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Here's To You
Hallmark – July/August 2007

4 Ways To Give a Great Toast
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The Power of Two
Fitness – July 2007

When a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, Allison Winn Scotch faced her
own fears ... read the article


Jaime Pressly's North Carolina
American Way – June 15th, 2007

Beaches, biscuits and beauty. Jaime Pressly's North Carolina has it all.
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Just Do It
Woman's Day – May 2007

Want to kick-start your life? Try these smart moves.
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Flying With Baby On Board
Parents – May 2007

Your guide to traveling with a toddler — without losing your mind.
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Who's the Boss?
You or Your Toddler?
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Wipe Out Cellulite
Prevention – May 2007

Toss the creams and dreams.
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Scale Down!
Women's Health – April 2007

What to do when your weight loss flatlines.
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Overcoming 9 Pregnancy Sleep Troubles
American Baby – March 2007

How to conquer pregnancy sleep troubles and settle in for a good night’s sleep.
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Why, Thank-You!
Hallmark – March 2007

5 ways to accept a compliment.
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Do the Right Thing
Self – February 2007

Ever watch a tipsy friend reach for her car keys?
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Sleep Solutions
Parents – February 2007

Does your toddler wake up at night or refuse to take his nap?
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Big-Kid Beds
Parents – January 2007

Is your toddler ready to lose the crib?
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Multiple Choices
Cooking Light – December 2006

Find the right yoga class for you ...
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How to Say: I'm Sorry
Hallmark – November/December 2006

3 ways to heal a breach ...
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Recipes for Relaxation
Cooking Light – November 2006

Stress management pros share secrets to stopping stress before it starts ...
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Winter Checklist
My Home Life (An American Airlines Custom Publication) – Fall 2006

You update your wardrobe each season, why not your home as well?
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What's Your Beauty Secret Weapon?
Hallmark (Debut Issue) – September/October 2006

14 real women. A whole bunch of really good ideas ...
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The Wonders of One
Parents – September 2006

Are you ready to be dazzled? Your toddler will change in some amazing ways this year ...
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Fourth Trimester Body Changes
American Baby – August 2006

You saw your body go through nine months' worth of changes, and now it's over, right? Wrong.
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Vital and Vibrant: Bone Health (Special Advertising Section)
More – August 2006

With a wealth of information on osteoporosis now available, some muddied facts still exist ...
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Your Wedding, From A to Z
InStyle Weddings – Summer 2006

The "I do" industry has its own secret language. Learn these terms and you'll be talking
like a pro ... read the article


Make the Ultimate Sex Connection
Redbook – July 2006

No pretzel poses, no bedroom marathons — just a stronger, closer bond ...
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Watch Your Back
American Baby – June 2006

Take the burden off of your back and hips with these helpful tips ...
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Liberty Belle: Teri Hatcher's Celebrated Weekend
American Way – May 15th, 2006

On the whole, Teri Hatcher would rather be in Philadelphia ...
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