About Me

I was born in the '70s at 3:43 AM in Charlottesville, VA. After my mother assured my father that yes, he could take that business trip to Montreal because, no, there was no chance that I would be making my appearance while he was gone, out I popped. Which my parents now like to use as a frequent analogy about my general attitude and overall take on life.

Er, not the kind of biographical information you were looking for? Okay, here are the more pertinent details:

After dabbling my toe in the PR, marketing and internet worlds, I discovered that there's nothing finer than a) working for yourself, b) working from home and c) getting paid to write full-time. To that end, I earned my keep for eight years as a freelance magazine scribe for every title you could think of, from Glamour to Self to Shape to Redbook to Men's Health to Women's Health to Family Circle to InStyle Weddings to Bride's to Cooking Light to Parents to American Baby. You get the idea. These days, I primarily focus on celebrity interviews and profiles, which indulges my pop culture obsession and gives me an excuse to read junky magazines and watch lots of tv.

Of course, while all of the above is wonderful and fabulous and allowed my heart to swell each time I walked by a newsstand, what I'm really most proud of is the publication of my novels, The Song Remains the SameThe One That I Want, Time of My Life, and The Department of Lost and Found.

My fifth book, The Theory of Opposites, was released in November 2013, and yes, you read correctly: it's gonna be a movie.

I'm polishing my sixth novel as we speak. I wish it had a title, but I haven't thought of a good one. I'm open to suggestions. 

My fiction is represented by Elisabeth Weed at The Book Group. She can be contacted at elisabeth@thebookgroup.com.

Other Tidbits

I graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Honors History and Concentration in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

When I'm not planted in front of the computer (which is nearly always - seriously, ask anyone who knows me, I'm here - send me a note!), I'm hanging with my kids, my husband and our pooches, Pele and Paco.

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